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Plan your own private party and impress all your guests. You can reserve a table or an entire room, dine on a lavish buffet or toast with cake and sparkling wine.

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The Cronox world awaits you

Welcome to Cronox Food & Fun in Livigno! We are more than just a restaurant or pizzeria: we are a complete experience that combines delicious flavors and engaging entertainment. We offer dishes from traditional Italian to international specialities. The fun continues with our state-of-the-art bowling and games room. We also offer home delivery service. With our rooms for parties and events, you can organize any type of occasion. Our bar and cocktail lounge is the ideal place to end the evening. Join us at Cronox Food & Fun, where every bite is an adventure and every moment is worth remembering. We are waiting for you in Livigno!

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  • News 7 Image
    The magic of socialising in our Games Room

    In an increasingly virtually connected world, there is a growing desire to return to more authentic and interactive forms of entertainment. This desire can be satisfied in our game room.

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  • News 8 Image
    The Charm of Bowling: where competition, companionship and healthy fun come together

    Bowling is the beating heart of our activity. We were born out of bowling and that is why we want to start here with our THOUGHTS. 
    It is one of those sports that has the power to unite people of all ages and backgrounds, offering an irresistible mix of healthy competition, socialising and fun.

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    We are Nadia and Luigi, and we are the owners of Cronox in Livigno.  In this blog, we try to put news, events, things to do, places to discover. 

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