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Our kitchen is open no stop from noon to 1 am. Our specialties are meat and pizza, but you will also find an excellent choice of local dishes, burgers and American style specialties.

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Meat, pizza, hamburgers, American style treats, delicious single and local dishes such as sciatt and pizzoccheri from Valtellina. Furthermore, you can find special menus for children to guarantee taste and quality at a lower price. We offer special combos too, such as bowling + pizza & drinks. Kitchen is open no stop from noon to 1 am. Taste local flavours or travel to America with our succulent grilled meats and delicious burgers.


You can choose among a wide choice of different pizzas, delicious appetizers and excellent beers to spend a night with friends and family. Not only food but a lot of fun too: you can enjoy yourself with the many available games such as darts, carambola, and bowling of course. Challenge your friends and when it’s all over you just have to choose your tastiest pizza.


Do you want to taste a dish made of excellent quality meat? Cronox is your right choice. A steakhouse which is different from the others, where food and fun go hand in hand. The menu is rich and tasty, with a wide choice of meats and several side dishes: grilled vegetables (seasonal choices only!), fried or rustic potatoes and salads. Tomahawk Steak, the legendary Brontosaurus steak, Fiorentina steak, shank, meat skewers, spit-roasted cockerel. This - and much more - is what our Steakhouse offers.

Hamburger and sandwiches

Sandwiches and hamburgers are among our specialties and they’re all made with the highest quality ingredients. Furthermore, our burgers made of 100% Italian Fassona meat are served with homemade bread only. Our hamburger list features classic combinations, but also sophisticated and unique choices, including the “megaburger” with three slices of bread and two slices of meat, vegetarian burgers, where meat is replaced by a mixture of chickpeas and potatoes or the super burger with a 150 grams hamburger, eggs and bacon. The sandwiches are made with ciabatta bread and are really delicious. You can choose classic sandwiches, "Jumbo" sandwiches (about 40 cm) or more elaborate sandwiches made of strong flavours. Try the “Vip” sandwich: smoked salmon, lumpfish roe and butter.

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